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Training Courses and Suppliers

Updated 25/11/13

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There are a number of specialist training organisations (as well as individual trainers) working in the sector. One of the advantages of using these is that their courses are often very valuable ways of making contact with others, with similar interests and problems. The trainers may also offer participants the chance to contact them on real life 'on the job' issues after the course - why not ask!

Those listed below are generally providing 'stand alone' training, without a vested interest in selling you something else alongside. We have separated out those which are also interested in providing consultancy or do training as a spin-off.

Also check locally - many CVS, Community Accountancy Projects and some local councils provide basic training for community organisations and others. See Local Contacts, and not just those where we have mentioned course availability.

Short courses - key players


Many regional and local voluntary sector infrastructure bodies such as CVS run sector-specific training courses - see Local Contacts. The quality can vary greatly, especially if delivered by their own staff.

Other Suppliers

Note: those with clear and relevant web sites are more likely to get a listing here!

Courses and Consultancy

Other Consultancy Services providers will often provide training, so see that page too.

Other sources of trainers

Management Development Network A source of independent management trainers and consultants working in the sector. Directory costs £15, but much of the info is also on the web site. Phone 020 7232 0726.

The directory created by NAVCA - Trainers and Consultants Direct - hasn't been unavailable since spring 2013.

Also see the regional course directories mentioned on Professional Development page.