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VolResource aims to be a reliable and relevant source of information for the voluntary and community sector. We are independent and take a direct approach to most matters. However, we must make the following disclaimer.

The information published by VolResource is tailored for the medium. It can't hope to be totally comprehensive, and pages may become out-of-date before they are removed or amended. We use our best endeavours to ensure that content is accurate and current, within our resources, but can give no warranties. Opinions expressed on this site are based on information available at the time of writing (which may well not be the 'update' date) and circumstances may have changed since. It is aimed at those involved in the sector within the UK, although we will not always be able to highlight differences in law or practice in Scotland, N Ireland or other areas (we do try!).

Further, every organisation has its own quirks and special needs, and it is the user's responsibility to apply information appropriately. Reading about something here may not be enough - this is no substitute for professional advice when it is needed.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid consulting professionals - the trick is only doing this when necessary and with enough background knowledge so as to reduce the chargeable time. We hope that VolResource will help you get better value and avoid unnecessary cost.

Ultimately an organisation has to take its own decisions.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this - now get on with it!