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Updated 9/1/06

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As of January 2006, we are making this Creative Commons Licence the basis for our standard terms. It is largely the same as what we have been using for some time, set out below, except that for non-commercial use prior approval isn't essential. We aren't going to include the full copyright notice and rdf code on every page, as it is too big, but you may see the logo around the site.

Creative Commons Licence

If you want to use any VolResource written material, please:

All use of photos or graphics should be cleared with us first.

See Newsletter sign-up page for specific licensing arrangements for our popular weekly email newsletter, if you want to circulate or re-use material from this.


Since the launch of this site in April 1999, various comments, suggestions and corrections have been made by users and others. The list is now too long and varied to reproduce here, but we continue to be very grateful for the interest shown even if we don't always respond or immediately act on those comments.

Particular thanks for comments and ideas (whether knowingly given or not) go to various present and past employees and consultants/trainers of Directory of Social Change, Open University Business School tutors and students.

Thanks also to Springwater Software, provider of News and Events management program, Kerchunga; logo design by Red Back Graphics.

About Us

This project is developed and managed by John Howes, working wherever possible with other sector internet initiatives. John has worked (paid and otherwise) in a wide range of voluntary and community organisations for over 25 years. Positions have included senior finance, admin and management functions, including Directory of Social Change. An enduring interest in information and communication matters became a real interest in resources for the sector through the Voluntary Sector options route to the Open University Business School Professional Diploma in Management. Combined with good IT skills and experience in writing and designing community publications, the project was able to get off the ground.

The CV includes acting as a freelance troubleshooting bookkeeper with Lambeth and Southwark community groups; running a Friends of the Earth local group while at school; involvement in the Coin Street campaign (preserving a central London community); founder member of London Cycling Campaign; experience in community advice and media, housing and social economy projects.

John is available to provide consultancy/interim management services. Another of his projects can be found at MalvernTrail.

Getting in touch

Please see our response form for contact options, but do note that our preferred mode of communication is email.