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Local, Community or Regional Contacts

Updated 25/11/13

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Provision of support agencies for the voluntary sector varies massively from area to area, with a deficit in rural areas gradually being made good. Our list can't pretend to be comprehensive, but hopefully has a useful link for most areas. Divided into:


National starting points

Local Web Resources

These offer information relevant to organisations based or working in their areas and/or a directory of local voluntary and community groups. Dates given in brackets are the most recent times we checked what they were up to. We can't list every site here, so we aim to give coverage throughout the UK of those which we've noticed have a good range of accessible material or have good voluntary sector contacts info.

You may also want to try out external search engines to locate local facilities and groups as they are easier to find than when this page was started.


Birmingham Birmingham VSC (3/6/05) See their current newsletter and more, and also their Third Sector Database (25/4/11) of local organisations.

Bolton Information Network (3/6/05). A Partnership promoting ICT skills but also providing community info.

Bradford DIVA (3/6/05). Voluntary organisations database for Bradford District.

Brighton Sussex Community Internet Project (15/1/01) Covers the whole county and loads of link lists, but a definite Brighton flavour. Also check: Resource Centre (11/10/01) - equipment and information for Brighton and Hove community groups; Brighton and Hove Community and Voluntary Sector Forum.

Bristol Voscur (3/6/05).

Cambridge Cambridge Online City (15/3/01) Plenty of information available here, and facilities to post information on your own organisation. Shared Interests is a good place to start to find local groups.

Dorset Community Action (4/9/02).

Durham One Voice Network (17/10/06) Includes Advice Shop.

East Sussex ESCIS Community Information Service from the local authority.

Essex A system from the county council allows community groups to set up their own web pages at (23/1/06).

Gloucestershire Gloshub.

Community Action Hampshire.

Hertfordshire ECHO (8/12/03) Electronic Hertfordshire Communities Online - a free site for community information, projects and services. Community Development Action Hertfordshire (22/11/13).

Leeds Voluntary Action-Leeds.

Manchester Greater Manchester Voluntary Sector Support (24/2/11).

Norfolk Voluntary Norfolk (22/3/10).

North Tyneside VODA (1/6/05).

North Yorkshire and York Forum for Voluntary Organisations (16/5/11) .

Nottingham CVS (12/6/02).

Oxfordshire: Oxfordshire CVA group search (Sep 2013), My Oxfordshire Community (in beta, Sep 2013).

Sheffield: Help Yourself (18/1/11).

Surrey Community Action (15/9/03).

Windsor and Maidenhead Voluntary Action (22/5/12).

Wirral VCA Wirral (22/6/10)

York CVS (11/6/03). Some useful reference material on this site.

Northern Ireland

North West Community Network (22/3/10).

Scotland (31/8/01).

Clackmannanshire Clacksnet (link problem Sep 2013) Community Network. Also see WeeCounty Community Information Website (7/1/02).

Dundee Voluntary Action (26/8/03).

Edinburgh Edinburgh Compact aims to improve communication across the 1800 or so local organisations (27/3/06), Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations' Council (27/3/06).

Orkney Voluntary Action Orkney (15/1/07) or Orkney Communities (Nov 03).

Skye & Lochalsh Council for Voluntary Organisations (3/11/03). Their community toolkit looks very good.

Uist Council for Voluntary Organisations (5/6/07).


Cardiff Third Sector Council (19/3/12).

Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) (19/12/03).

Powys Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (11/11/11), phone 0845 009 3288.

Swansea SCVS (13/9/04).

County and District

There was a trend (2005) of local council sites creating directories of, or links to, voluntary organisations. Some are doing this through county wide sites, others adding facilites to find funding (and not just council grants) - this usually requires user registration. More sites run by open4community and the like can be found by searching Google etc.


Sector Networks/Forums

Often set up in response to the previous 'regional agenda', so soem may be struggling. Our Lobbying page has government regional offices and sector links to regional assemblies, including London.

All of these are primarily about improving communications between voluntary and community organisations in their region (who are encouraged to be members), providing information on issues which effect them and encouraging the development and dissemination of good practice. Also a communication link with regionally based (governmental) organisations.

North East England Voluntary Organisations Network North East Phone 0191 233 2000, email:; ESFVON (European Structural Funds Voluntary Organisations Northern) .

Involve Yorkshire and Humber regional forum for voluntary and community organisations. Phone 0113 243 8188.

East of England COVER, phone 01223 893443. East of England BME Network.

East Midlands One East Midlands.

South East England Regional Action and Involvement South East: RAISE.

South West Forum#.

West Midlands Regional Action West Midlands.

London London Voluntary Sector Council - second tier support network, London Civic Forum.

Regional Development Agencies are listed under Government/Lobbying contacts.

Local Mixed Bag

Many cities and larger towns have their own sites, run commercially, by the local council, individuals or community groups. These will often have something about local voluntary activity, but quality and focus vary hugely. Some will not get past listing the next car boot sale in aid of the Scouts. However, they are worth a try.

Newspaper sites

Many regional or local papers have strong community links and have erratically developed web facilities which allow local groups to put together a few pages of information. Find the listings and facilities via:

Other local sites worth a look

We haven't checked these sites fully, or they don't quite make the grade to be in the sections above.

Bassetlaw CVS (9/2/01)

Community News Coventry and Warwickshire.

East Lothian Voluntary Organisations Network (24/12/01).


LondonVoices (10/1/02) A network for community and neighbourhood websites in London.

Merseyworld (9/2/01).

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6FZ, phone 0161 273 7451.

Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire.

Devon Community Organisations (6/3/02) or East Devon Net.

Community Accountancy Self Help (west London). Features some local projects as well as very useful community accountancy stuff.