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People Matters

Updated 15/1/07

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and more. Not all of the books in the first 2 categories are voluntary sector specific.

Links to ordering from Amazon are given where the book should be readily available via that source (last checked Feb 06) - those which take weeks to come into stock are either excluded or show the symbol ~~.

Book prices are generally from the publisher - discounts may be available from Amazon or elsewhere.


Books on other subject areas:


Appraising the chief executive: a guide to performance review, ACEVO, 2nd edition April 2002. Publisher's info: The new edition of this helpful guide sets out some of the parameters of chief executive appraisal that are relevant to voluntary organisations, whether small, medium or large, old or new. Appraising the chief executive is an important process, and the principles outlined here are the cornerstones of such a process, whichever model of appraisal is used.

Employment Records Handbook Paul Ticher, Gill Taylor; DSC, 2005. ISBN 1 903991 39 0, £16.95. Order from

Good Employment Guide for the voluntary sector NCVO; fourth edition July 05. ISBN 0 7199 1656 9, £25.00. A reference manual on personnel issues (geared to law in England and Wales). Order from

Managing People in Charities, by John Burnell of Personnel Solutions; ICSA, April 01; ISBN 1860721257, £21-95. Order from Practical advice on recruitment management and development of staff, including examples, checklists, model policies etc.

Managing RecruitmentManaging Recruitment & Selection Gill Taylor; DSC, 1st edition 1996. - Out of print?! 144 pages, ISBN 1 873860 85 4, £11.50. Publisher's info: This scenario-based handbook aims to equip managers and interview panels with the skills needed to manage the recruitment process successfully. Reference to equal opportunities good practice is integrated throughout, with tips for introducing suitable policies and procedures.


People Management

Diversity Training Handbook - A Practical Guide to Understanding and Changing Attitudes; Kogan Page, Dec 05. ISBN 0749444762, £22.50.

Equal Opportunities Handbook - How to Deal with Everyday Issues of Unfairness; Kogan Page, Dec 05. ISBN 0749444827, £17.99.

Face to Face Skills Peter Honey; Gower Publishing, June 1990.

Improve Your People Skills Improve Your People Skills Peter Honey; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Mar 01. ISBN 085292903X, £21-99. Order from

Making Diversity Happen: A Guide for Voluntary and Community Organisations; NCVO, Nov 03. ISBN 07199 1631 3, £15.00. Order from

Managing Absence: A Handbook for Managers in Public and Voluntary Organisations Sarah Hargreaves, Christina Morton & Gill Taylor; Russell House Publishing, 1st edition 1998. Order from 128 pages, 1ISBN 1 898924 17 1, £18.95. Staff absence can have a major impact on service delivery. This useful book will help managers and trustees ensure quality of service whilst maintaining a commitment to good employment practice.

Managing ConflictManaging Conflict Gill Taylor; DSC, 1st edition 1999. 128 pages, ISBN 1 900360 28 4, £16.95. Order from Publisher's info: This book for voluntary sector managers and their teams examines conflict at work and offers strategies for dealing with it. Disagreements between managers and employees, members of a team, or workers and clients can have destructive effects on the individuals concerned and on the work of the organisation. Adopting the same lively, scenario-based approach as in her previous books, Gill Taylor provides helpful advice, and reassurance that everyone can improve their conflict resolution skills.

'The author, clearly an experienced manager, knows what she is writing about and blends management theory with experience of her real life work ... This book is for managers who want to build and leave a legacy of excellence in their wake.' [Community Care]

VolResource Short Review "Managing Conflict is similar to others in this DSC series. A difficult subject with some particular problems common within the voluntary sector (where people are often expected to have strong beliefs!). Well tackled through a guide round the various theories and practices which have been developed, followed by 12 scenarios where you can think through example situations along with the author."

Managing Diversity in the Workplace; NCVO, May 03. 20 pages ISBN 0 7199 1611 9, £7.50. Order from

Managing PeopleManaging People Gill Taylor & Christine Thornton; DSC, 1st edition 1995 - Out of print?! 128 pages, ISBN 1 873860 47 1, £10.95. Publisher's info: A key title for any voluntary sector manager or supervisor. It covers supervision, planning and teamwork, dealing with difficult situations, management committees, and letting staff go. Written in lively scenario format, it offers action tips and practical advice on finding solutions to common problems.


Mentoring In Action - A Practical Guide for Managers; Kogan Page, Nov 05. £19.99.

People Count: Benchmarking the Human Resource Function in Voluntary Organisations. Produced by the Compass Partnership consultancy organisation, ISBN 0 9538276-0-7, £175 for 94 A4 pages. Not cheap, but Suresh Lalvani rated it for CFDG as 'well worthwhile for charities with a major investment in staff'. Buy from

Problem People and How to Manage Them Peter Honey; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Feb 02. Buy from


McCurly/LynchEssential Volunteer Management Steve McCurley & Rick Lynch; DSC, 2nd edition May 1998. 224 pages, ISBN 1 900360 18 7, £19.95. Order from A good overall guide to the subject, written by international experts. Publisher's info: This best-selling book is packed with user-friendly, expert advice on the following topics:

Legal Guide to involving young people as volunteers Islington Volunteer Centre, 2000. ISBN 0 9538386, available via DSC, £7.99.

Managing Volunteers Successfully Jonathan Moore; Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations, 1st edition, 2001. CD and booklet £12.90, audio cassette and booklet £9.50. Covers: the importance of volunteers; recruiting and getting the best from them; keeping good volunteers; and good practice checklists.

Recruiting Volunteers Fraser Dyer & Ursula Jost; DSC, 1st edition August 2002. ISBN 1 903991 20 X £14.95. Buy from Publisher's info: This guide is for anyone who has to find volunteers for their organisation. Drawing on their extensive experience of working and training in this area, the authors underline the importance of starting from a clear strategy and recruiting regularly. The book includes practical advice and creative ideas to help you:

Volunteers in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Handbook for Volunteer Service Managers Oxford University Press, October 2002. 236 pages, £24.95. Order from