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Updated 6/3/06

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Books on IT subjects specifically for the sector and other internet or IT strategy titles we consider of particular interest, selected from Amazon. Last checked for availability Feb 06.

Plus selected software (but see the Specialist Software pages for most of our coverage).


Other subject areas:


QuickBooks 2005 Regular, or QuickBooks Pro (our preferred option).

QuickBooks Customised Editions includes a version set up to deal with UK charity accounting (the Non-Profit edition). You select which edition you want on installation. At Feb 06, it doesn't appear that a 2006 version of this exists (first appeared 2003).

Sector Specific Books

Information Technology for the Not-for-profit Sector I. Harris, M. Mainelli; ICSA, June 01.

First Steps on the Internet for business & the voluntary sector Sandra Vogel; Aurelian Information Ltd, 1997.

Wired for Good: The Nonprofit Guide to Strategic Planning for Technology, Jossey Bass Wiley, April 03, "is very much a how-to-guide, complete with worksheets, diagrams, tips, examples, and “planning in practice” sections" according to a review for the Wired Nonprofit.

Other IT and internet titles

Poor Richards Email Publishing Top Floor Publishing, July 1999. "Accessible and readable practitioner's manual" recommended on a charity forum.

Creating a Successful E-information Service Facet Publishing, June 02. Written by experienced information professionals, mostly from the viewpoint of larger organisations with existing library systems.

About Face 2.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design, John Wiley & Sons, April 03."Useful if lengthy 'should-read' " for information workers involved in web sites or software training, according to Free Pint review.

Web design and content

Developing Online Content: the Principles of Writing and Editing for the Web John Wiley & Sons, Feb 02. Recommended on a charity forum, but not available new at Feb 06.

Web Design on a Shoestring, Carrie Bickner; New Riders, Oct 03. Highly recommended by Michael Gilbert of Nonprofit Online News: "She takes a frugal total cost approach to web development and maintenance. She advocates investing in planning, in usability, in standards, and in lightweight content management."

Max Hits Max Hits: Building Successful Websites RotoVision, Dec 01. The expertise of Mike Slocombe, creator of activist site and experienced Web designer.

Homepage UsabilityHomepage Usability Jakob Nielsen; New Riders, Nov 01.

Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity Jakob Nielsen; New Riders, Jan 00.




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