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Maximising the opportunities of the Internet

for the Voluntary Sector


Updated 25/6/01

VolResource passionately believes in the opportunities that the internet provides for voluntary and community organisations (VCOs). These are as varied as the sector is diverse, but we have identified the following issues as of potential importance. We welcome comments and suggestions for improvement. Email: or use the form (see bottom trail bar). See also Voluntary Sector and IT page and the other pages referenced there.

NOTE: This is a draft document - please do not link to or reproduce in any way. Thanks!

As an information channel

As an efficiency tool

As a fundraising facility


As a community service/project facilitator


Requirements for action



ICT - Information and Communication Technologies. This encompasses the internet (web sites, email, news groups), the delivery mechanisms (computers, phone lines, digital TV, mobile technology) and other data transmission devices and services. 'Electronic networking' covers any technology with the potential for at least 2 way communication.

VCO - Voluntary or Community Organisation

Further reading

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