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It's now quickest to go direct to the VolResource mailing subscription pages on our VoluntaryNews web server. But take a look at reader comments below first, if you wish.

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VolResource Email Newsletter

Current internet issues

AOL/Netscape subscribers - we have identified and removed the blockage, November 05. Our cure means that you should subscribe to the html format if you want reliable delivery!

About the Newsletter

A weekly email newsletter is produced by VolResource giving current news and information with a practical focus to help you:

Free to those active in voluntary organisations in the UK, worker, manager, trustee or volunteer.

Please note that funding opportunities, while featured from time to time, are not a core area. Content varies from week to week to reflect current issues, and appears (abbreviated) on the website archive some weeks in arrears.

Timing - usually sent Thursdays. The frequency may be reduced during quiet periods of the year (late December, mid-summer).

Consultants, commercial concerns etc pay to receive the newsletter at £28 per year. Public sector bodies, academic institutes and the like are asked to pay £23-50 - let us know if this is a problem as we are likely to be sympathetic. See Paid Subs.

NOTE: We don't usually accept subscriptions from those based outside the UK or Ireland, so please give strong reasons if this applies to you.


Although we check all information in the newsletter, as ever with these things we can give no warranties as to accuracy or relevance and encourage active checking before you make any decisions. This is one reason why we try to give web links to the original or key source.


We now have separate lists depending on which format you want to receive the newsletter in. Go to the sign up form for either plain text format or html (web) format.

Please fill in the comments box, to give us an idea of what our readers are looking for. Individuals not directly involved in an organisation will need to convince us of their interest. If we aren't sure whether you meet our criteria for receiving the newsletter, we may email you back with a query and in some cases remove the entry. We want to send to relevant people, not just everybody!

If you have problems with the online form, you can also


The system, from November 2005, allows you to change your own details or unsubscribe at any time. Follow the links at the bottom of each newsletter, or see the bottom of the change preferences page.

We will do our best to give advance warning if there are changes to how our emailing list service operates.

Make a Contribution

VolResource in general, and the newsletter in particular, runs on a shoestring. We have created this resource without any grants, and as use grows so unfortunately does our costs. Contributions or donations would be much appreciated and help us to develop and maintain standards.

Use our PayPal facility* to make a payment now, or use the paid-for online form to be invoiced first.

*If you haven't got a PayPal account, you will need a debit or credit card to use this.

Paid Subs

To sign up to a paid sub, please use the paid-for online form. You will get newsletters sent for up to 3 weeks to give you a chance to check it out and send the money. Details of how to pay will be on the invoice. If you have any problems, you can instead. Don't forget to give name, organisation and confirm the email address to use.

Use of Newsletter Material

If your intended use of the newsletter doesn't fit with those described, or if in any doubt, please . It shouldn't take long to clarify.

We reserve the right to alter this policy.

Please Note

We reserve the right, before or after adding you to the newsletter list, to ask for further information and to decline to provide the service (or stop providing it later) where we feel this may be/is being abused.

Email addresses which cause newsletter mailings to 'bounce' may be deleted without further notice or refund.

The only use we make of your details is in connection with managing and developing the newsletter - we do not send spam or sell or otherwise pass on the data to other parties.

Some Comments from Readers

A round-up from June/July 07:

"Thanks for your email and I shall be renewing our subscription to VolResource. I find it a very useful information source which is quick and easy to read through. Having the links to the appropriate websites etc is particularly beneficial." (Sector consultant, May 06)

"VolResource was recommended to me by a colleague as one of, if not the, best sources of online information around for the voluntary sector." (National sector awards body, Jan 04)

"This is a really good way to keep informed without having to plough through lots of irrelevant info." (HomeStart local co-ordinator, Nov 03)

"Many thanks for the News Letters. It is always of interest and does help to raise important items and issues. Please keep up the excellent work." (local YMCA, Oct 03)

"Just a quick message to say how much I enjoy your newsletters - the information contained is always really useful & we have followed up a number of the links. v.v.useful!" (sector support, Oct 03)

"May I take this opportunity in thanking you for this most valuable resource. as a small charity I find your newsletter most informative." (May 03)

"VolResource is THE way to keep abreast of what's happening in the sector" (NCVO staff member, Dec 02)

"Just a quick message to say how much I appreciate receiving your newsletter. I am a newly promoted manager of a medium sized advocacy group & find your snippets of information & articles really valuable." (Nov 02)

"I would like to say YOU'RE FAB!! ......really appreciate that it is written in human form, not as though a robot just speels it out." (Nov 02, community centre staff)

"Just wanted to let you know what a valuable resource your newsletter is and how much of it I find useful to send on to others." (National charity project co-ordinator, Oct 02)

"A really useful source of information which I try to get through each week! .... Thanks for the support" (CVS, Feb 02)

"I think you're wonderful and save me a lot of bother!" (Feb 02)

"Very good newsletter, well done, I produce one for local groups, organisations and charities and often mention you. You never know how good or bad you are unless someone says so. In your case I think it is great and very helpful." (Feb 02)

"Just want to say I find some articles irrelevant, some mildly interesting to know what's going on out there, and some incredibly useful" (Nov 01)

"A colleague recommended your newsletter and website to me ...... I just wanted to congratulate you on a useful, well thought out and most importantly 'readable' resource. Many thanks - I will certainly be recommending others." (Sept 01)